A particularly stressful place to spend your day is often in the workplace so our corporate yoga program is the perfect way to keep staff energised and productive.  Imagine less tension and stress all round as you and your colleagues learn the skills to manage the moment-by-moment challenges that can be a difficult part of your working life. What’s more, the class can be customised to your workplace needs, or we can present our effective and successful general program suitable for all, no matter the perceived limitations.

Our program will help:

  • Improve posture
  • Strengthen core stability
  • Release tension through neck & shoulders
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve focus

Employees will receive:

  • New skills to manage stress and anxiety levels
  • A card for their desk with material learnt in program
  • Affirmation list for those difficult days

Before they know it, your staff will be eagerly looking forward to participating in their weekly yoga class involving standing asanas (positions and postures) to strengthen the body and release stress, pranayama (breath control) for grounding and mindfulness, mantras for clarity and creativity and yoga philosophy for understanding and acceptance.  You also have the option to hire either our studios in Fortitude Valley (Brisbane) or Mt Martha (Melbourne) for your corporate group.

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