Poor physical health can take its toll not only on the body but the mind and spirit as well.  From back pain to difficult menopause symptoms, from sensory issues to poor immunity, practicing yoga can support the management of physical misalignments in the body, bringing relief and renewed strength.

The ancients discovered that yoga practices were beneficial in addressing health issues by preventing/eradicating disease, strengthening the spine, increasing blood flow, improving focus, boosting the immune system, treating allergies, easing pain and much more.

It also has an extraordinary effect on the mind – easing depression/anxiety, connecting to inner guidance, sharpening awareness, encouraging critical self-care, supporting self-esteem, improving sleep and encouraging you to observe yourself and the world around you through loving eyes.

Some elements will be addressed in regular classes and/or run as specific classes or workshops (such as a special class for Back Care).  Classes are conducted in our Mt Martha (Mornington Peninsula ) studio.

When:  Tuesdays 6:30pm - 7:45pm
Where: 27 Bradford Road, Mt Martha on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria 3934
Costs:   $20 Casual, 5 classes $90, 10 Classes $170