At Angel Yoga we offer a 4 week introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness in your daily lives.

Most people express they have not time for meditation so Dani  has designed a 4 week course that will take you through practices you can incorporate into your daily life.

Each week you will experience different forms of Meditation and Mindfulness to help you calm, centre, find clarity, breath more efficiently, be present in the moment and feel a sense of peace.

These practices will help you lower anxiety, blood pressure and your heart rate, ward of panic attacks, feel lighter and happier, and experience more joyful moments in your life.

They will also help you connect with your true self and others on a more compassionate level.

When practicing meditation and mindfulness on a regular basis you will find life flows easier and you will have skills to be more proactive than reactive. You will feel more balanced, grounded and peaceful through challenging moments in life.

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Tuesday nights 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Cost:          $120

2 week cancellation required.