I'm just writing to thank you for accommodating our crew on Wednesday. I know it takes a lot of time to set up and film with us and we sincerely appreciate your efforts. I'm sure the story will be fantastic! Sean was very impressed with how well all the children behaved which made the crews job very easy. Thank you for giving us an insight into children's yoga, I am sure it will be a very entertaining segment on Totally Wild. Thanks again for all your help.

Rebecca Howlett

Production Co-ordinator
Thank you for your patience with Eloise, Sam and of course Harry. They truly love coming to Yoga. Tim and I love watching them play yoga games and show off their knowledge.


Paige greatly enjoyed the class today - as I enjoyed watching it. You have such a warm and easy manner with the children. It was lovely to see them all embracing the idea and participating so enthusiastically.


Since David started yoga for kids his school teacher has commented on his improved attention in class and extra concentration on his tasks. David loves the yoga exercises and now it's paying off in the classroom as well!